Shipping to Germany

Germany is one of the most industrialized countries in the world, and its economy is recognized as the fourth largest in the world. Germany has a large and strong economic market, which is why it has the largest national economy in Europe. Germany, due to its location in Western Europe, is considered one of the most important transportation hubs. Due to Germany’s strong economy, investments and innovations are made by investors from countries with less significant economies. Additionally, because of the prominence of German educational institutions worldwide, many people migrate to Germany for education or to pursue higher academic degrees. For these reasons, Germany is a country that attracts immigrants. One of the major concerns for immigrants who move to Germany for living and studying is the transportation of their goods from their home country to Germany. Transporting goods to Germany and the transit of goods from Germany is essential for both traders and immigrants. Our country, Iran, exports a variety of goods to Germany, including chemical products, machinery, pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, and more.

Shipping methods to Germany

Shipping to Germany is possible in three ways, which has made it easier for immigrants and businessmen:

Cargo transportation by ground method

Air freight

Shipping by sea

Cargo transportation by ground method

One of the cheapest ways to transport cargo to Germany is ground cargo, which is carried out as a full truck, small cargo or groupage.

Full truckload: Refers to utilizing an entire truck for transporting goods that have high volume and weight.

Less than truckload (LTL) or groupage: Refers to loading multiple types of cargo together in a single truck, where each shipment may not fill the entire truck individually. This method allows for combining various compatible loads that can be loaded together in a container.

Shipping by sea

Shipping by sea is possible in three ways:

  1. Full container
  2. Groupage
  3. Bulk

In shipping cargo by sea, small cargo and full container, with 20-foot or 40-foot containers, the owner of the goods or the sea freight companies can choose the type of container according to the volume, weight and type of cargo. For bulk cargo and goods with large volumes, sea freight transportation is the most suitable method because such cargoes do not require special packaging. Some goods with special packaging are arranged inside containers in a way that protects them from potential risks during sea freight transportation. In cases where the cargo is bulky and has a relatively large volume, transporting goods by sea is more cost-effective compared to land transportation.

Germany has important ports such as Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, and Duisburg. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is of great importance due to its status as a port city.

Germany’s market is considered dynamic and highly advanced globally, with German innovation recognized worldwide. The country boasts a large workforce as well. Therefore, this country has a substantial capital base and a very low level of corruption. Germany has the largest economy in Europe and holds the third rank as one of the world’s largest exporters. Economically, Germany covers 70% of its facilities in the services sector. This country earns 40% of its income through exports. Germany has relatively rich reserves of timber and iron ore. This country has a very extensive natural gas reserve. The inflation rate in this country is 1.7%, and approximately 16% of the people in Germany live below the poverty line. Germany is a tertiary sector economy, with 73% of its workforce employed in the services sector. Germany has achieved a significant ranking in the field of transportation. Germany has several major cities, including Berlin and Munich. Berlin is the capital of this country, steeped in ancient history where one can observe the entire sky at once. It combines historical and modern elements in a way that is very captivating to see.

Shipping methods from Germany

Shipping from Germany is also possible in three ways:

  1. Shipping from Germany by land
  2. Shipping from Germany by sea
  3. Shipping from Germany by air

In all three stages, it is possible to transport cargo from Germany to Iran in the form of full truck and groupage by Nilgon Group.

German international shipping companies

The Nilgon Group transportation network collaborates with international transportation companies in Germany under the Sister Company program, providing export and import services in various cities across Germany. These German international transportation companies support us in achieving success and delivering regular services to traders in all transportation sectors.

Transit goods from Germany

One of the best methods for transit of goods from Germany to neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, etc., is through transit routes in Iran. These routes are considered the best and shortest transit routes to Europe and Asian countries, facilitating efficient transportation. We take pride in providing regular transit services for goods from Germany through transit routes passing through Iran, making them accessible to cargo owners and traders.

Freight from Germany to Iran

Considering the large number of migrants and students in Europe, especially in Germany, there is daily exchange of both small and large packages between Iran and Germany.

Therefore, Nilgon Group has prioritized freight services from Germany to Iran and is ready to provide services to customers and traders.

This company handles freight shipments from Germany to Iran on a daily basis.

Final word

Nilgon Group has the capability to provide regular services from Iran to all the mentioned cities and vice versa, from Germany to Iran, to its customers. Germany, located in Western Europe, is one of the most important transportation hubs. Transporting goods to Germany is essential for both traders and immigrants. Given the significant number of Iranian immigrants in Germany, many goods are exported from Iran to Germany, including chemical products, foodstuffs, machinery, and more.

One of the most cost-effective methods of transporting goods to Germany is by land, which can be done in two ways: full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), or groupage. Transporting goods to Germany via full truckload (FTL) involves having exclusive use of an entire truck as per the customer’s requirements. This method can utilize various types of trailers such as refrigerated trailers, curtain-sided trailers, or tankers for heavier loads up to a maximum of 22 tons.