Transportation of goods to Iraq

Our western neighbor, Iraq, suffers from ongoing sanctions and security challenges, which hinder its industrial and service sector growth. Consequently, it is considered a country reliant on continuous and permanent imports. Therefore, exports to Iraq can yield substantial profits for Iranian and foreign traders alike. Exports and transit of goods from Iran to Iraq represent the highest volume of trade for Iraq. Iran is among the countries that conduct the most transportation of goods to Iraq, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah. Iraq shares the longest land border with our country, extending from the northwest to the southern regions. This geographical proximity is the most significant reason that makes transportation of goods attractive for both domestic and foreign traders.

Among the various countries trading with Iraq, China, India, and Turkey are more prominent compared to others.

Iraq is divided into two main regions:

The first part

The central government of Iraq constitutes the main part of the country.

The Second Part

The Kurdistan Region, which shares extensive borders with Iran in both parts.

In the first part, the majority of cargo transportation is directed towards Baghdad, Basra, and Karbala, each of which is transported through border crossings close to Iran. For instance, cargo to Basra primarily crosses from the Shalamcheh border, which is the closest land and water border to Basra. However, traders can also transport goods to Basra through the Mehran and Chazabeh borders, albeit these crossings involve greater distances compared to Shalamcheh. Therefore, transporting cargo to Basra from the Shalamcheh border area is more attractive due to its proximity.

In contrast, transportation of goods to Baghdad and Karbala from the Mehran border offers closer proximity and better conditions, which is why Iranian and foreign traders choose Mehran border for exporting or transiting their goods to these destinations.

Kurdistan Region has many common borders with Iran, which are as follows:

Cargo transportation for the cities of Sulaymaniyah, Klar and Kirkuk is carried out from the following borders:

Bashmaq border

To transport cargo to Iraq, contact us through communication channels.

Parviz Khan Border

To transport cargo to the border of Parvizkhan, contact us through communication channels.

Khosravi Border

To transport cargo to Khosravi border, contact us through communication channels.

Transportation of goods to Sulaymaniyah primarily takes place from the city of Marivan via the Bashmaq border crossing, for both dry cargo and fuel shipments.

Sulaymaniyah is one of the major commercial cities in the Kurdistan Region that has established extensive trade relations with Iran over the past few decades. These trade relations began in the 1970s with the weakening of the Ba’athist government and the rise of Kurdish parties in Sulaymaniyah. Subsequently, events such as the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime and the formal establishment of the Kurdistan Region have further strengthened these ties. Over the past three decades, several new marketplaces and border crossings have been established, focusing on expanding trade with the Kurdistan Region, especially the city of Sulaymaniyah. Some of these borders have significantly reduced distances, facilitating easier trade relations.

Iraq border terminals:

Bashmaq Marivan in Kurdistan province is one of the most important trade and travel borders of western Iran with Kurdistan. According to official sources, the distance from Bashmaq to Sulaymaniyah is 130 kilometers, but the new Google maps show 100 kilometers. This proximity to Sulaymaniyah has given Beshmaq a prime location. Therefore, transporting goods to Sulaymaniyah from Beshmaq, one of the busiest commercial terminals in Kurdistan Province, has facilitated the highest economic exchange in Kurdistan Province.

The distance from Parviz Khan border crossing to Sulaymaniyah is about 150 kilometers. Despite being farther than the Beshmaq border, Parviz Khan has positioned itself as one of the most vibrant commercial borders between Iran and the Kurdistan Region due to its advantageous geographic location and access to major trade and highway routes over the years.

The distance from Parviz Khan to Sulaymaniyah is approximately 2 hours. Therefore, freight transport to Sulaymaniyah from the Parviz Khan border has facilitated a significant volume of trade exchanges.

Shipping to Erbil, Iraq

Another important city in Iraq, which is the center of Kurdistan Region, is Erbil. Freight transport to Erbil primarily occurs from the Tamarchin border (Piranshahr) to Erbil. Currently, the distance between Erbil, Iraq, and the Haji Omran border is 175 kilometers, which is reduced to 55 kilometers due to infrastructure and tunnel construction.

Freight transport to Erbil also takes place from other customs points in Kurdistan such as Marivan, Parviz Khan border, and other Kurdistan borders, depending on the request of the cargo owners.

Final word

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