Importation of goods

Importation refers to the process of bringing goods from one country or territory into another country for commercial purposes. Usually, because acquiring certain goods is not possible or economically viable for some countries, they fulfill their needs by importing goods. Temporary importation of goods and permanent importation of goods are another two types of sending goods.

Regarding engagement in the field of importing goods, it is worth mentioning that one of the most important and fundamental factors in the transportation of imports is having appropriate representatives and agents in countries and import destinations. These representatives play a crucial role in the international transportation process. This organization takes pride in providing international and domestic transportation services through Misam Transport, delivering goods from origin to destination for their rightful owners. Moreover, they have qualified representatives in other countries who are experienced and diligent in conducting loading operations, obtaining permits, and issuing transportation documents such as TIR Carnets, CMRs, and waybills. They have established air, rail, and sea freight services and domestic waybills (EBL) to ensure that cargo owners can entrust their goods to them with peace of mind, in complete tranquility and security.

Permanent importation

The definitive import of goods can be based on different payment methods, which we will refer to below:

  • Importing goods from the currency purchased from the banking system to open credit

  • Importation with free currency for opening a letter of credit

  • Import against export from the export license (export permit) in the name of the exporter (non-transferable)

  • Importing goods against exporting by presenting an export license (export permit) in the name of the exporter or in the name of another person with official transfer (transfer rights to another person for one time only).

  • Importation without transferring currency from foreign investment funds after approval by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

  • Importation without currency transfer from the list of declared authorized items

Temporary importation of goods

Temporary importation of goods is a process where goods are imported temporarily and are either re-exported within a period determined by customs or held temporarily without undergoing import duties or taxes. Certainly, their departure must be without any alteration.

Temporary importation of goods is carried out for the following purposes:

  • Goods for exhibition purposes

  • Aerial filming and photography equipment and accompanying films after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces

  • Scientific, educational, training, technical, and engineering surveying equipment

  • Equipment for dam construction, dock construction, dredging, road construction, drilling, extraction and exploration, and special projects or schemes

  • Equipment for installing and assembling factories and industrial facilities, and similar installations

  • Equipment for repairing machinery and devices

  • Passenger vehicles and private airplanes for non-resident individuals for personal use, as well as disposable containers and resting places

  • Goods that are temporarily importable according to international customs agreements and treaties, which the Islamic Republic of Iran has accepted membership in.

  • Emergency supplies and equipment for humanitarian aid purposes

  • Containers and packaging materials ready for export goods packaging

  • An airplane for service purposes such as crop dusting and passenger transportation

Return import

These are goods that have been imported into the country and then returned for various reasons. Such goods can also be classified as temporary imports and non-definitive imports.