Domestic and international transit

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The concept of internal and external transit of goods:

Internal transit It is referred to as the transportation of various goods, but in large tonnages, solely within the borders of the country, moving from one province or city to another. In practice, for example, if the Sun Star factory intends to send its goods to various counties, considering the large volume Transit you’re using, and send your load from the factory to various counties across the country. This service is known as domestic cargo transit, where the type of cargo in domestic transit is exclusively handled by machinery such as compressors, tent transit, various trucks, Transportation Railroad It happens, of course Internal rail transit It is possible for some provinces of the country.

Foreign transit or international moving heavy loads from inside the country to other relevant countries is often referred to as the majority of these services being called goods export, with a small portion also being allocated to the transport of light loads, which often takes place through groupage and air transit. If a factory or producer of a specific product in the country has more production than the country’s needs, it resorts to exporting the product to some needy countries. It is called foreign transit.

International transit of goods